The domus-in operates mainly in the areas of Pilea, Panorama Road, Thermi & Kalamaria. Our website is checked regularly-updated, so the projected properties are available at that time. Elements that define our services are:
1) The product, is the information being desired property.
2) The promotion and online ads.
3) The quality of service defined by:
a) The customer's expectations
b) communication skills & knowledge.
c) value added services of the property
d) The record-standardization of procedures
4) The pricing policy is linked to the quality of service

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Thessaloniki - Suburbs
Apartments (50) (4)
Maisonettes (32)
Detached Houses (8) (1)
Villas (10)
Land Plots (10)
Parcels (2)
Offices (1)
Thessaloniki - Center
Apartments (8) (1)
Offices (2) (1)
Stores (2)
Warehouses (1)
Other Commercial categories (1)
Business buildings (1)
Detached Houses (1)
Villas (4)
Land Plots (1)
Parcels (2)
Detached Houses (2)
Aetolia & Acarnania
Parcels (1)
Kavala Prefecture
Land Plots (1)

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